Lake Biwa Japan. Have you ever thought about it? We can help your visit to Japan, not only Bass fishing at Lake Biwa but finding your long time "Wanted" Japanese lures.

Truth Guide Service, who are we?

Truth Guide Service is consisting of several guide staff including Naoya Hiramura who is well known in Japan as full-time pro Bass fishing guide at Lake Biwa. Naoya has been guiding as Lake Biwa expert for long time.
Our services have been done 250 days average per every year. We are one of the most popular Bass fishing guide services in Japan. One of the longest guiding services ever done around Lake Biwa. We have guided many clients from Australia and United States along with local regular customer. Our staff can talk English good enough to take communications. So those if you are English speaker, don't worry. You can enjoy Bass Fishing at Lake Biwa!
Because English speaking staff has limit, we recommend you to book as early as possible. I recommend you to reserve it from 2 months to 3 months in advance.

Special offer

We offer free pick-ups at hotel, accompanying fishing tackle shopping tour without extra charge.

Our service

Here are two basic packaged plans we can offer. You can choose from whichever you like depend on your plan. However we can accept special plan such as extended days of fishing. Please ask us if you need special plan before make your reservation.

How to make a reservation

Open the reservation screen


We accept credit cards (VISA, Master card, Discover, American Express, JCB ) or cash at meeting or pre-pay with PayPal (We'll email our account after confirm your reservation.)

One-Day fishing plan

  • Price: 55000 JPY (one guest)
  • Price: 65000 JPY (two guest as a party)
  • hotel pick-up and tax included.
  • Free rent for all necessary fishing tackle.
  • Meals and lodging fees are not included in this price.


Could you tell more about Lake Biwa?

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. Square measure 670.33km, Total shoreline 241km, the deepest depth 103m, and Average depth 41m.
The biggest Bass caught in July 2009, 10.12kg (22 pounds, 5 ounces) by Manabu Kurita. That largemouth bass have been accepted by the IGFA(International Game Fish Association: Florida United States), tying George Perry's longstanding mark world record (22 pounds, 4 ounces).

Most 10lber Bass has been caught in spring and summer along with average size between 4lb and 5lb.
Fall is the best time to catch number of Bass.
In winter, you can enjoy trolling to catch deep water Trout instead of Bass.

When is the best time to go Lake Biwa?

We would like to say between April and November is best time to Bass fishing at Lake Biwa. The most recommended month is May.
In Lake Biwa, Rainy season will begin from June. July and August are the hottest weather of the year, average air temp getting above 30-Celsius (86-Fahrenheit) degree. September to November is known as the best season to get number of fish, although from September to October, Japan is known as Typhoon (like hurricane) season.
Talking about sightseeing season, (not about fishing season) best time to watch Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) flower is first to second week of April. We recommend the time that leaves turning red and yellow in late November, too. These flowers and leaves season, most of hotels tend to become difficult to get reservation. So acting early would better if you would like to see them.

Can I get "Hard to find" Japanese lures while visiting?

Japan is well-known country that has many quality fishing tackle manufactures. Daiwa and Shimano make quality reels. Megabass and Jackall are making quality lures. You will find those special item or special price during your visit at local tackle store around Lake Biwa.
We also have used tackle specialist stores close to Lake Biwa, they sell cheaper than brand new but most items are still nearly clean as new.
We recommend you that being prepared to buy those unexpectedly bargain deals, although most of those local stores will not accept major credit cards. To prepare that deal succeed, you should keep your wallet with cash. You can withdrawal cash at Japan Postal Service ATM with your major credit card. In case if you need withdrawal cash while visiting, we could take you to there. Please let us know.

Could you tell more about sightseeing Kyoto?

Kyoto is well-known 1200 years old city in Japan and most popular place to visit from foreign country. Lake Biwa and Kyoto is only 20km(12.5miles) apart. There are many Temples, Shrines and Castles. You can enjoy Japanese foods like Soba, Sushi, Okonomi-yaki, Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu at Kyoto city. Kyoto is the safest place for foreign tourist because the people are getting used to greet customer from foreign country.
Many of our guests from foreign country also enjoy visiting Tokyo that is 500km (312.5miles) apart from Kyoto. Shinkansen (Super Express Train) can make travel easier between Tokyo and Kyoto. Narita international airport is very close to Tokyo. Some of our guests often choose flight from Narita international airport instead of flight from Kansai international airport in Osaka, to go back to their home country.

How about schedule on the guide day?

Guide day

  • I will pick you up your hotel by our car on Am 6:00.
  • We will go for marina of Lake Biwa by car.
  • We will start fishing on the lake
  • Take a lunch at the restaurant near the lake.
  • We stop fishing on 16:00.
  • If you hope to go to tackle store, we will go shops.
  • We will go back your hotel on 18:00 - 20:00.

Is there a recommended hotel?

Near the Kyoto station.

Near the Kusatsu station